3 tracks playing at 23 retail store across 10 major capital cities

Three songs from Small Batch Music Publishing ’s catalogue, each from three different artists, will be part of a curated list of songs to be used on Estee Lauder branded retail in-store music playlist. The selected tracks are,

Wolfsheep - Kenneth Leow
Young - Jude Young
The Harlot Train - The Quartermasters

Tracks on Estee Lauder in-store radio

Small Batch Music Publishing is proud to showcase these fine tracks in partnership with the global beauty brand. This placement will generate massive rotation for the songs on a 12 hour, day to day basis, over a period of 4 separate months spread over the course of 2017 - 2018. Tracks will share the playlist alongside prominent names like Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, The Weeknd, as well as fellow south-east asian artists, Michaela Therese and HubbaBubbas.

This is a significant win for songwriters and artists in the south-east asian region.

The first rotation will begin May 2017 and will last the entire month across Airport & downtown DFS Estee Lauder stores in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Thailand, Macau, Hong Kong, Korea, China.

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